Living - Sofas & Loveseats

Theo Sofa

Theo SofaPrice: $625.00More Colors Available

Brandt Comfort Sleeper

Brandt Comfort SleeperPrice: $3,499.00

Sulley Comfort Sleeper

Sulley Comfort SleeperPrice: $6,749.00

Soho Power Sofa

Soho Power SofaPrice: $2,439.00More Colors Available

Sollievo Sofa

Sollievo SofaPrice: $1,410.00

Margit Sleeper

Margit SleeperPrice: $2,390.00

Estasi Sofa

Estasi SofaPrice: $1,795.00

Trionfo Power Motion Sofa

Trionfo Power Motion SofaPrice: $4,040.00
Closeout: $2,995.00

Contento Loveseat

Contento LoveseatPrice: $2,690.00

Contento Sofa

Contento SofaPrice: $2,750.00

Buckingham Loveseat

Buckingham LoveseatPrice: $2,995.00More Colors Available

Buckingham Sofa

Buckingham SofaPrice: $4,895.00

Panorama Sofa

Panorama SofaPrice: $4,595.00

Pause High Back Sofa

Pause High Back SofaPrice: $3,995.00

Stella Loveseat

Stella LoveseatPrice: $3,595.00

Stella Sofa

Stella SofaPrice: $3,995.00

Aurora Loveseat

Aurora LoveseatPrice: $3,795.00

Aurora Sofa

Aurora SofaPrice: $5,095.00

Oslo Loveseat

Oslo LoveseatPrice: $2,695.00
Closeout: $1,895.00

Brentwood Sofa

Brentwood SofaPrice: $4,675.00

Evan Loveseat

Evan LoveseatPrice: $1,885.00

Evan Sofa

Evan SofaPrice: $1,969.00

Riley Sofa

Riley SofaPrice: $1,665.00More Colors Available

Marella Sofa

Marella SofaPrice: $2,095.00More Colors Available

Musetta Sofa

Musetta SofaPrice: $1,669.00
Closeout: $1,155.00

Mimi Loveseat

Mimi LoveseatPrice: $1,575.00

Mimi Sofa

Mimi SofaPrice: $1,679.00More Colors Available

Duke Loveseat

Duke LoveseatPrice: $3,775.00More Colors Available

Rochelle Sofa

Rochelle SofaPrice: $5,398.00

Rebecca Sofa with Power Motion

Rebecca Sofa with Power MotionPrice: $4,498.00

Casa Mia Sofa

Casa Mia SofaPrice: $2,995.00

Vidar Dining Room Sofa

Vidar Dining Room SofaPrice: $2,624.00

Sabella Sofa

Sabella SofaPrice: $1,995.00More Colors Available

Sabella Sofa

Sabella SofaPrice: $1,995.00More Colors Available

Tasha Sofa with Electric Motion

Tasha Sofa with Electric MotionPrice: $2,339.00More Colors Available

Aspen Loveseat with Power Motion

Aspen Loveseat with Power MotionPrice: $2,885.00

Aspen Sofa with Power Motion

Aspen Sofa with Power MotionPrice: $2,995.00

Comption Motion Loveseat

Comption Motion LoveseatPrice: $2,135.00

Compton Motion Sofa

Compton Motion SofaPrice: $2,279.00More Colors Available

Uptown Sofa

Uptown SofaPrice: $2,835.00More Colors Available

Mallory Sofa

Mallory SofaPrice: $949.00

Sapphire Sofa

Sapphire SofaPrice: $1,169.00More Colors Available

Sapphire Sofa

Sapphire SofaPrice: $2,135.00More Colors Available

Laird Loveseat

Laird LoveseatPrice: $955.00

Laird Sofa

Laird SofaPrice: $995.00More Colors Available

Laird Sofa

Laird SofaPrice: $995.00

Adrienne Loveseat

Adrienne LoveseatPrice: $2,279.00More Colors Available

Adrienne Sofa

Adrienne SofaPrice: $2,349.00More Colors Available

Celia Loveseat

Celia LoveseatPrice: $2,070.00
Closeout: $1,395.00

Celia Sofa

Celia SofaPrice: $2,128.00
Closeout: $1,475.00

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